View Full Version : [ubuntu] increasing desktop resolution does not update maximization size to be at full desktop

July 17th, 2010, 01:39 AM
if my desktop resolution was 1440x900
and now I increased it to 1680x1050

then press maximize on some window - it will be "maximized" to fit the first 1440x900 pixels to the left upper part of my desktop

meaning - the "maximum" desktop part is not updated to fit my new resolution

its not like the pixels after 1440x900 on my 1680x1050 are unavailable - to the contrary I can stretch an un-maximized window to behave the way a maximized window should behave but if I click on maximize it will get shrunk to fit the imaginary 1440x900 desktop inside my real one.

same problem with full screening videos (and thats the real pain)
if I double-click a "VLC" playing video or a "Movie Player" video to see it full screened - then it will fit my smaller imaginary desktop inside my real one just as mentioned above.

this is a real pain! this happens when I ran programs in linux that want a smaller resolution
and that can not run in windowed mode like native linux games or wine applications etc..

when this happens and I exit those programs most times the resolution will not be restored and I will have the same problem as mentioned in this thread
(concerning having to re-enable my computer screen and having to go through turning on my HDMI television to enable my DVI screen, what a pain!):

so I will have to tell my desktop again my real resolution when dealing with the wrong resolution from the program.

during the era of windows 95 and windows 98 I had to deal with that problem, that was what, like more then 12 years ago?
just saying... I know this is a different OS but comon...

no body ever tested what happens when the resolution gets changed by other application? EVER?

Ubuntu 10.4
ATI graphic card

my current solution is to restart the X server
which means I have to go through the trouble of saving all my work or loosing it all at once
and then start over everything just to fix this little problem.

well, in the era of windows 95 and windows 98 dealing with this problem in this kind of way required restarting the whole computer
at least in Linux we don't have to go all the way to actually restarting the system hehehe :)

July 17th, 2010, 02:15 AM
When you go to system>preferences>monitors and click the "detect displays" button, does that change anything?