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July 16th, 2010, 11:46 PM
hi everyone

does anyone know how to disable the automatic keyboard backlight and make it to be on by default?

if i disable the automatic backlight the default value in pommed.conf doesn't have any efect.

this is because i dont want my keyboard backlight to be controlled by the system, i'd like to adjust it manually but i want it to be on by default.

might that be possible modifying the on and off thresholds?


excuse my poor English place

macbook pro 5,5

# Keyboard backlight control
kbd {
# default value for automatic backlight (0 - 255)
default = 255 #doenst have any efect
# step value (1 - 127)
step = 16
# ambient light thresholds for automatic backlight (0 - 255)
on_threshold = 40 #cant disable?
off_threshold = 80 #cant disable?
# enable/disable automatic backlight
auto = no
# idle timer - switches off keyboard backlight automatically (timeout in seconds, -1 to disable)
idle_timer = -1
# idle tickms - timer tick rate in milliseconds
idle_tickms = 2000 # WTF is this for?