View Full Version : [ubuntu] ventrillo server

July 16th, 2010, 07:12 AM
heres what I want:

ventrillo server/daemon running on system boot automatically

heres what I have been able to accomplish:

installed and manually start, but on reboot not running and neds to be manually started each time

sadly the personal vent server only allows 8 people to connect at once, but for now that will work. I did dabble in teamspeak as I couldn't seem to get ventrillo to work easily for me, but that ended up even worse... I installed it through the ubuntu software centre, but I can't even start it as I have no idea where it got installed to, never mind even trying to get it to start automatically on startup :(

no doubt this is doable, I am just too used to how things worked in windows... just so much easier, makes me feel kinda retarded when I start poking around in ubuntu and can't even find the app I just installed