View Full Version : [ubuntu] MediaWIki as personal wiki (pim)

July 15th, 2010, 01:39 PM

I have changed to ubuntu a few months ago from windows, where I used to have a mediawiki set up on a local server. This wiki was used for notes, archiving, document management, file storage, calendaring, almost everything that most people do with a normal directory tree on their drives.

Unfortunately, I have not yet managed to install a local media wiki on my ubuntu 10.04 LTS system so far. I have tried it once and messed up the php-stuff so badly that I had to reinstall the entire system in order for it to work in a acceptable speed.

Could anyone give me advice on how to set up a current version mediawiki (or an older version, if that's the only chance) as a local wiki in 10.04 LTS? There is no network access to the wiki, just local access using a firefox browser on the machine where it is installed.

Thank you for your help!

July 16th, 2010, 05:59 PM
Hello Taikaka

I've used XAMPP as a self contained apache/php/mysql stack for running a local copy WordPress blogging script when I was migrating my Web site from WordPress to static pages. It worked fine, so it might provide a starting point for Media Wiki.


I've also used a wiki as a pm, but I used modwiki, a much simpler script written in perl with static file storage. I just installed apache for that one. I must say I'm back to 'everything in one big text file' now :mrgreen: