View Full Version : [all variants] Desktop Messed Up After Login

July 15th, 2010, 09:16 AM
A few hours ago, my laptop's desktop became really messed up, in that nothing ever disappears from it. For example, when I move a Window across the screen, it leaves a trail on the desktop. I really don't know what could have caused it. It doesn't affect the root account, only my user account. The only things I've done today are install BURG bootloader, which works well, and use HDMI output to my big screen TV, which I usually do. I don't think I've done anything out of the ordinary, but I must have. Restarting does not fix the problem. I am using Linux Mint 9 32-bit.
Thank you.

EDIT: I think I'm having an issue with sound as well. If my sound isn't working, then i think that also suggests there's a problem with my HDMI output settings.