View Full Version : [all variants] audio / beep on mouse click event

July 14th, 2010, 07:25 PM
Is it possible to configure X11 and/or XFCE to play an audio file or beep the computer speaker when a mouse click event occurs?

This is actually for a touchscreen kiosk setup, however, touchscreen presses look like mouse click events. The goal is to provide audio feedback.

Although I'm using XFCE, anything that generically works would be fine.

I found xfsound, however, it doesn't work with XFCE4. I downloaded the source, however, it is tightly integrated with the older version of XFCE 3.8


It basically listens to X11 events and can play sounds accordingly , e.g. when a button press event occurs.

Is there another utility like xfsound that can respond in a similiar manner? Or is it possible to configure the x11 input driver evdev in xorg.conf for audio feedback?