View Full Version : How to fix FTP? DBUS error if timed out.

July 13th, 2010, 07:39 PM

Ubuntu is great, with one exception: FTP is risky, at least in Ubuntu 10.04 amd64.

Situation 1: If I connect to a FTP server and wait until it I get a time out and then tries to open or write a file/directory it will not do so. I have to try to read something from the server a couple of times for anything to work.

Situation 2: When trying to save a file from gEdit to a FTP server when a timeout has occurred it will work with something for 1 min(?) and then give me the DBUS error message.

Situation 3: Sometimes I can not unmount a FTP directory.

Situation 4: Sometimes files still get edited on the FTP server after i have unmounted the directory. (Overwrites the file with an empty one)

As a web developer I really need to have this working so I do not have to check what i can read a directory before i try to save a file. And, also, when I have written a php file for hours and i unmount the directory it sometimes deletes all my work from the server (WTF? Lost many hours of work...)

Sorry for my crappy English, if you did not understand it, contact me and I will try to explain. :P

I really hope someone have a solution for this, so I do not have to switch to 32 bit or another distro.