View Full Version : Wonder if this could be done...

July 13th, 2010, 05:10 PM
Make a Sauerbraten-map, size 64, and throw the community at it to make the biggest game-level ever. Theoretically it should be possible with VIS-blocking (make it like a huge cave-system) since Sauerbraten supports cooporative interactive editing.

For the unwashed masses with WoW-knowledge: put Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdom, Outland and Northrend in extension of each other (length-wise), then you approximately have the length of one side of the cube that a level size 64 in Sauerbraten is. Yes it's that big, length-, width- and height-wise :)

Just thinking it could be an awesome community-project, seeing as we seem to have plenty of demand for games, but mostly a throng of (game-development-wise) unskilled labor (I'm one of them :) ).