View Full Version : [ubuntu] Android Amazon MP3s in Rhythmbox

July 12th, 2010, 04:41 PM
Hi there, I have a HTC Desire and I'm attempting to use it with Rhythmbox (Ubuntu 10.04)

It's Music is stored in ~/MUSIC but I have the Amazon MP3 App that stores its music in ~/amazonmp3.

To get Rhythmbox to see my music I had to create the /.is_audio_player file in the root of the SD Card, and it has two locations defined in it as "audio_folders=/amazonmp3/,/MP3/"

Although it sees the MUSIC folders content it can't seem to pick up the amazonmp3 files - even if I just change it to look at the amazonmp3 dir it seems to give rhythmbox some trouble the Importing progress bar in the bottom right seems stuck on "Importing 0/0"

Any ideas ?