View Full Version : [ubuntu] Requesting help with Lucid diagnosis

July 12th, 2010, 05:53 AM
I install "Lucid Desktop" the other day. It was extremely slow with everything involving the internet connection. Very slow downloads and very slow site connections, etc.

Next I installed the multimedia packages from the "Multimedia How-To". No videos or stream would play. I also experienced difficulty getting programs to work after transferring my backed up config and data files into the Lucid system.

Today I reinstalled 9.04. "Multimedia How-To" installed flawlessly and videos play fine. Programs work perfect after transferring data and config files.

Next I installed "Lucid Alternate" next to 9.04. First thing I noticed is that the internet connection is very slow. When I try to connect to web sites I get the "Looking up...." status for anyway from 15 seconds to a full minute or more and the "Connecting to..." for a few seconds to many seconds and the "Transferring...".

I do not know if this problem is because of a bad install (doubtful) or if its because my pc lacks something that was not needed for 9.04 (and all the other versions that worked fine) or if there is a glitch in a package or something else.

So, without looking for more problems right away, I would like to start by diagnosing my connection to see if it can be improved.
Can someone describe diagnonsis step to me?

My wireless adapter is a Linksys pci RT2561 (I think).
Router is Belkin Wireless G.


July 12th, 2010, 03:38 PM
Often this kind of problems can be solved by disabling IPv6.