View Full Version : I here to offer Ubuntu support via VNC and Custom Ubuntu PCs for purchase

July 12th, 2010, 05:47 AM
Hi everyone!

I just wanted to drop in and mention a couple products and services I offer that you might be interested in.

The first is remote desktop support for Ubuntu (http://www.davestechsupport.com/vdave.html). If you are new to Ubuntu and would like direct support for your OS from someone friendly and knowledgeable, then I might be just right for you. Using VNC to establish remote desktop connections, you'll be able to share you screen, keyboard and mouse with me over the Internet while we talk on the phone. The software used to do this is open-source and free to download from my website. Call me today, mention this post and I'll take 25% off your first hour of service.

The second service I offer is building custom Ubuntu Linux PCs (http://www.davestechsupport.com/custom.html). You choose the case, I select most of the rest of the hardware for you, draft a parts list for you to approve, order, assemble and ship the finished PC to you. You pay after the system is assembled and video taped (you get to preview your system up and running before paying for the final product).

Here's a link to my Google Places page (http://maps.google.com/places/us/ks/topeka/sw-clare-ave/3466/-dave%27s-tech-support?hl=en) where you can read testimonials from other previous customers of mine.

Thanks for looking!