View Full Version : [ubuntu] transfer from IDE to SCSI server

July 11th, 2010, 03:10 PM
I have a IDE hp server with a single IDE drive as primary (and a 2nd external UBS drive) is setup to backup the server. Anyways, I got a better server now, it has 2 SCSI drives that are RAID controlled, so each one copies it self for backup, incase 1 drive goes out, it still works.

I would like to transfer the data to this new server and take my main server down for maintenance and hard-drive upgrade (cuz it only has 100GB and I want to put a much bigger drive for lots of photos and videos, like 1Terabyte.

Currently the external backup drive, copies these files:


both have 10.04 running on them, not sure about the UUID and how all that works.

What is the best way to transfer the data to the new server ? Should I do a install from a DVD and then later do a restore using those 4 folders ?