View Full Version : [gnome] Audio CD Authoring program?

July 9th, 2010, 09:21 PM
Hi, I was just wondering if there were any applications (preferably for GNOME, but I'll take anything) that create CDs that you can rip onto other computers? I'm experimenting in creating my own music and I wanted to be able to distribute discs if I like what I create. Rather than other computers just seeing folders with tracks in them, I'd like the discs to be more like what they use at studios, where you just insert the disc in the computer and it automatically detects that it's an audio CD.

I know this is probably just a futile gesture, but it would still be neat if I could do that. :P

(Note: I've already tried K3b and CD/DVD Creator, and tested them on my Xbox 360. The system did not detect anything; it could not rip the tracks off the disc to its hard drive.)