View Full Version : [ubuntu_studio] installing Ubuntu Studio 10.04 in Windows 7 Virtual PC 2007

July 8th, 2010, 04:43 PM
Hi all,
I'm new to using a Linux OS, my dad uses Linux all the time and thinks it's the best thing since microwave popcorn... :popcorn: (yes i changed it to fit the smiley i saw lol)

Anyways I have downloaded Ubuntu Studio 10.04 because i do a ton of graphics/video editing and I wanted to see the OpenSource options.

I have it booting into the kernel then to the Ubuntu installer, Ubuntu Studio is only offered in alternate install mode no live cd because of the amount of stufff on it.

My problem lies in there is no "safe graphics mode" for Ubuntu Studio 10.04, I have 8.xx installed already in a virtual machine and it works just fine, but it had safe graphics mode as an option on the install which is required to get it to function

So my question is how the heck am i supposed to get Ubuntu Studio to Install in no graphics mode, I've been searching since last night and nothing i have found has worked so I thought i'd give the forums a shot.

(make them unix newbie please) haha Windows guy here xD