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July 8th, 2010, 03:02 PM
I have a G4 450mhz with a gig of ram and a 12gb hd. what would be the best version of ubuntu to run on it? the things that i wan to do is basic word processing and gimp and some audio work. if you can suggest an other distro that would be good too

i have a copy of 6.10 and that is what was installed on it the last time.

and when I do get ubuntu or an other distro installed where can I get ppc apps?

July 9th, 2010, 03:51 AM
Kubuntu 9.04...

July 9th, 2010, 08:45 AM
Talking Ubuntu, I like Lubuntu 10.04.

July 9th, 2010, 09:30 AM
thanks Ken, i also want to know, wait the answer.:popcorn:

July 9th, 2010, 04:17 PM
would something as new as 9.04 run on my system?

July 9th, 2010, 04:59 PM
9.04 is only supported through October 2010. It will be without security patches shortly.

Maybe try the latest debian stable or Ubuntu 10.04 PPC?

-> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads

July 9th, 2010, 07:49 PM
I got kubuntu 9.10 burned to a disk and started it up but it gave me a invalad rom error. :?:

Legal Beagle
July 11th, 2010, 08:29 PM

Aside from some Airport issues, I've been very happy with Ubuntu 10.04LTS on my 667MHz Tibook and my 500MHz G3. I would suspect that it would also run quite well on your 450MHz G4.

I found Xubuntu seems to take a bit more to run on my hardware than Ubuntu did, but that may just be my perception of it.

The Ubuntu 10.04 iso is well-hidden here:

I had a difficult time finding it the first time around.