View Full Version : [ubuntu] DVD Conversion Headaches (nothing works, nothing)

July 8th, 2010, 02:01 PM
Hey guys. So here's my problem. I want to burn my home movies to DVDs. Simple enough? I used to do it on Windows using ConvertXtoDVD and it worked beautifully, but Ubuntu is seriously letting me down here.

I've tried: DeVeDe, ManDVD and also the steps provided here http://johnbokma.com/mexit/2009/07/28/avi-to-dvd-ubuntu.html

But every time, the .iso image I get is much too small to be a good file. I'm talking 1.3,1.5,1.7GB iso images that should be much closer to 4GB in size. I try burning them anyways and the disc pretty much craps out on any and every DVD player I try.

Any kind of help would be immensely appreciated. I really need to get this to work!

Thanks :)