View Full Version : [ubuntu] Photorec doesn't see my card

July 7th, 2010, 10:43 PM
{seem = see :P}

Damn... I just erased my card before the transfer had finished. As usual, these are important photos; I took them as I took something complex apart, and I need them to help me put it back together.

If I plug the camera in, it recognizes it as a camera, not as a storage media, so it doesn't show up in photorec. Is there anyway around this other than buying another card reader? I have one, but it's decided it's not functioning anymore, for either Linux or Windows, on multiple machines. If I have to, I'll get another card reader, but surely there's some way around this?

I REALLY need these back, I took probably a hundred photos in half an hour, the thing was full of springs, bolts and odd seals.

Thanks guys!