View Full Version : [ubuntu] Envy23 Control Utility

July 7th, 2010, 07:29 PM
I recently added old Terratec DMX 6fire pci card to my atom box, hoping to record some vinyl records to flac files. The install was fairly easy, Lucid picked up the drivers no problem and I can play through the new card. Attempting recording, research showed that I needed the Envy24 Control Utility in order to control inputs from the DMX 6fire's control box. I can get the phono to play through the card, but I can't seem to access the DMX in recording, either through Sound Recorder or Audacity (also installed) -even when I select it in those apps.

Documentation for the Envy24 Control Utility is woeful, it seems - what I did find was not cover my issue. If anyone understands it, your help is appreciated.