View Full Version : [ubuntu] "unprivileged mode" at random

July 7th, 2010, 09:02 AM
Dear fellow Ubuntu-users,

i've used Ubuntu since 7.04 (iirc) and upgraded to every new version without any problems. Finally my harddisk broke down so i did a fresh install of Lucid and copied my '/home' back to my current version.

Since my fresh install i *sometimes* boot in this "unprivileged" mode where i cannot use the "shutdown" in the menu, use my plug-and-play printer/scanner, access "User settings" and mount plugged in USB-sticks. Some programs also behave differently, my Thunderbird won't open attachments when double-clicking on them. This is very annoying as i have to reboot my computer with "sudo reboot" (sudo works fine, yeah).
It looks that i somehow don't have any privileges.

I then have to reboot my computer (this morning four times) before i get back in the "normal" mode where i CAN use shutdown in the menu (and all the other things describe above). It looks to me as these modes change at random, as i always use the same way to turn on my PC.
It also affects the "poweroff" at the login-screen, so my guess it's not account-related.

I am quite experienced with Linux and Ubuntu so i'm not afraid to use the terminal and look thru log-files, but the problem is that i don't have a clue where to start looking.

Any suggestions on where to start looking (or, prefab solution if that's available ^_^)

Cheers in advance.