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July 6th, 2010, 08:14 PM
Hi all,

Ubuntu Samiux Remix (USR) is remastered from official Ubuntu Desktop. It is 100 percent same as Ubuntu except USR is tuned for performance and easy to use. You will experienced the execution speed and internet surfing speed improvement. Meanwhile, it is in Traditional Chinese by default. However, it also comes with Simplified Chinese and English, you can select between them by pressing F2 on the boot menu (press any key on the first screen).

USR is pre-installed some useful plugins, codecs, wireless card drivers and application softwares. It is ideal for general home users and newbies. The learning curve of USR is lower than official Ubuntu. It is also ideal for running from Live DVD or Live USB. Even in English environment, you can use Chinese Input Method. The default Chinese Input Method is gcin. Meanwhile, iBus and SCIM are also included. You can select between them from "Language Support" under "System" main menu.

Why gcin Chinese Input Method as default? It is because, many USR users are switched from Windows system who are used to the arrangement of the words of the Chinese Input Method in Windows system. However, if you required to use Hong Kong Style Cantonese Input Method, you can switch to SCIM at ease.

For more faster speed, you can make change to /etc/fstab if you are an experienced user. You can imply ramdisk to the USR to increase the overall speed. However, do not use the following tweak on Server version as your logs will be gone once your system is rebooted. For example,

/etc/fstab by example (http://samiux.blogspot.com/2010/07/howto-ask-firefox-and-ubuntu-desktop-to.html)

Sound interesting? You can download Ubuntu Samiux Remix (USR) at here (http://www.debian-inside.com).