View Full Version : [PPC] airport extreme worked, now dosen't..network manager setting?

July 4th, 2010, 07:10 AM
I am very noob to ubuntu, just installed lucid on my powerPC iBook G4 a couple of weeks ago. got the airport extreme card up and running by making the fwcutter entry into a terminal, and was VERY happy with my ubuntu experience so far... A couple of days ago, I installed "Ubuntu Tweaks", a grouping of little mods and setting changers that I found online. one setting Im 90% certain I changed was to have network manager come on in autostart. I think. After doing this, Im now no longer able to connect wirelessly. after reading somewhere on the forums that this might be the problem, I unchecked the box to run this at startup, but this dident fix. network manager still, when tured on, finds my wireless network allright, but the internets wont come on unless I'm on a wired connection. tried re installing the fwcutter, but thats about it; I dont know how to uninstall and reinstall the broadcom drivers to try that. or maybe I should try something else entirely? (hopefully a simple solution, as all I have down is cut/paste into terminal, but willing to try more complex things if explained in detail..:)