View Full Version : [SOLVED] ureadahead status 4 problem

July 3rd, 2010, 10:57 PM
Just passing along a fix I came across for a problem I just experienced.

In short, when I booted, it went through its normal boot sequence, but then got stuck. I saw several messages saying:

init:ureadahead-other main processes
terminated with status 4

After googling a bit, I was lucky to find a fix that worked for me. Someone mentioned that this sometimes occurs when you have manually adjusted fstab to mount other partitions (other than the one's it mounts by default). Well, I had recently done just that (mounting three partitions on a secondary DRIVE).

I booted to the LiveCD, opened up /etc/fstab, and "commented out" the three lines I had added (you comment out a line by placing a "#" symbol in front of it).

That did the trick.