View Full Version : [ubuntu] software applications found in Synaptic - don't work consistently

July 3rd, 2010, 03:33 PM
Whoever is responsible for developing and maintaining Ubuntu should make sure that when they release a new version of the Ubuntu operating system that ALL of the programs that are available for installation under the Synaptic package manager work under the particular release of Ubuntu that they are listed under.

For instance, the Gshutdown program listed under the Jaunty release of Ubuntu works fine. But if you install Gshutdown program under a Lucid release of Ubuntu, it does not work properly !!!

If Gshutdown (and other application programs) are going to be listed under the Synaptic package manager, they should either work properly or not be listed there.

When you have to tell this to your friends that you are trying to get interested in using Ubuntu, you wind up sounding like a fool !!!

I know that you could just forgo telling them about this problem but they are going to find out for themselves eventually and then you are not only going to look like a fool but they are also going to ignore everything that you might say to them in the future !!!

And yes, I have reported the Gshutdown problem (and other things) as bugs, but unless these type of problems are fixed BEFORE new versions of Ubuntu are released, this O/S is not helping itself to gain new users.

P.S. - no I am not a programmer, if I were, I would attempt to fix these problems myself.