View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu USB won't start up

July 2nd, 2010, 02:49 PM
Hey guys

Recently Windows crashed on my sisters laptop. So i figured no big deal just re-install it. But the partition was too small so i have to pull the info off the laptop. I didn't (still don't) have much resorces so i decided to download ubuntu onto a flash drive and use ubuntu to help pull all the info off. Took me a day or two to try to get the usb to work but i finally did. So i plug it into the laptop and it starts to boot up. I get a loading screen and it even shows the first signs of life (a background) when it all goes black and only a couple of random bars pop up. Little help please?


Less than a gig of ram
about 2 gigs of memory left after wipeing windows
Really old laptop ^^ sorry don't know too much about it. Only know that little bit from trying to get it to run faster the other day.

I'm going to see if a little more ram might do it. See if a buddy of mine has the same RAM type. Thanks in advance DvD

July 2nd, 2010, 02:59 PM
How much is less than a 1GB of ram? I'm not sure how much it needs to run live mode, maybe 384MB or 512MB. But it sounds more like video driver issue.
You can also try with Puppy Linux. That needs less resources and it will do the job of copying data too.
After that it depends whether you want ubuntu as only OS, you might try Xubuntu for computers low on ram and hdd space. Or Puppy.