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July 1st, 2010, 05:03 AM
I installed Kubuntu, then Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntustudios.

However, since signing into Gnome, I seem to have two sudo type applications installed. :confused:
If I do the following:

'Alt+f2' > gksudo $insertprogramname
I get the standard gksudo passcode prompt. It accepts my passcode and I can run synaptic etc...


If I use gnome-do*, I get a different passcode prompt, and it doesn't accept my passcode (I've tried variations; thank NULL that it doesn't lock the authorisation!) What ever the program is, it also affects the ubuntu menus because the same occurs with using them... :(


I don't even know what the program is called. How do I go about uncovering it and removing/setting it up properly?
sudo gksudo kdesudo all accept my passcode.

Second Post:
It seems gksu (not gksudo though ... ) brings up the alternative sign in. Why it doesn't accept my password is beyond me.

gksu -S runs in gksudo mode so when various launchers are accessed they must use gksu not gksudo. Why?
I haven't set root password, and I'd prefer to be able to fix this sans root.

Third Post:
From the man page:

Notice that all the magic is done by the underlying library, libgksu.
Also notice that the library will decide if it should use su or sudo as backend using the /apps/gksu/sudo-mode gconf key, if you call the gksu command.
You can force the backend by using the gksudo command, or by using the --sudo-mode and --su-mode options.

To change this I opened the gconf editor:

$ gksudo gconf-editor &
Then found /apps/gksu/sudo-mode gconf key
and ticked the sudo-mode box.

All done!

July 1st, 2010, 05:24 AM
NO one replied; so deleting post.