View Full Version : [ubuntu] WINE apps after reinstall

June 30th, 2010, 10:11 PM

I'm running Ubuntu Lucid(upgraded from Karmic), however i have several problems with it (suspend/hibernation not working etc) so I decided to do a clean install.
I have a separate /home partition so I hope my settings will survive.
My concern is about WINE applications. Just to be sure, are they gonna be OK too? They are all installed in .wine directory, which is in /home , so I guess it should be fine. I just want to be sure that there are now additional pieces in root directory.

Also I will appreciate any reccomandations about what to backup. I`m pretty sure that not all settings are in /home directory, but since i'm still new to Ubuntu, i'm not sure which files are handy to be backed up.

Thanks very much.:)