View Full Version : [ubuntu] FATAL error after installing/upgrading Ubuntu

June 30th, 2010, 09:54 PM

I installed few linuxes and never had this kind of stuff... Today I downloaded Wubi and installed recent Ubuntu on laptop computer. I turned it on, configured network and upgraded everything. I also installed Nvidia drives (as recommended by Ubuntu hardware app). I haven't done ANYTHING else. Everything worked fine. When I turned Ubuntu on in again, while opening the screen went black. The same happend whan I tried again and again. Sometimes it turnes off, sometimes it just goes black and nothing happends. The same happends on recent linux kernel booting and while using the one downloaded by Wubi and on recovery modes in both of them. There is another thing: whan I press "power" button after waiting many minutes, the screen starts for a second before computer turns off and I can see a screen of Ubuntu 'turning on'.

The sound signaling that system was turned on is activated and I don't hear it while screen is black, so probably it's not just screen not working, but something more.

I have no idea what hapend... One of my hypothesis is that it's a problem with Nvidia, because it was one of the last things I installed but I'm not so sure about it.