View Full Version : [ubuntu] 10.04 little sluggish - impending disaster ? :-(

June 26th, 2010, 08:16 AM
Hi all !

Since i installed 10.04 i have noticed that the OS no longer operates as smoothly as it did with the previous versions (9.10, 9.04 were certainly not sluggish) . Generally speaking it feels a little slow. e.g. I see the wait pointer (the animated disc icon indicating that an application/command is loading) more often now.

I use XP as dual boot. I haven't formatted the C, D and E partitions in XP in nearly 2 years now. This is because i now do all work except word processing on ubuntu and XP's performance hasn't deteriorated much.

There are the following strange happenings that i have noticed since i installed 10.04 :-

#1 On four occasions i have not been able to log in at the first attempt because of a black screen on a lit background (i.e. the usual black bootup screen but with a white-ish tinge) instead of the usual screen requiring the input of the username and password. The only way out on all these occasions was to press and hold the boot up button.

#2 Recently while in a hurry to leave i deliberately left the system on battery power expecting that it would go into hibernation as per settings. I was thus surprised to realize that it had not done so when i switched it on (firefox, windows etcdidn't load up).

#3 Despite full updates the brightness applet just doesn't work since the time i installed 10.04. See # 1 here - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1507033

#4 This one could just be a bug with Tomboy. Even as i am writing this text, i notice that the Tomboy Notes window is sluggish. With a body of text as large as this query typing becomes noticeably sluggish as say compared to a body of text around half the size of this query.

My toshiba A200 [ 2 GHz core duo, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, Intel 945 chipset, ubuntu dual boot with XP ] is now nearly 3 years old. Although it does not show any obvious signs of wear and tear - other than the battery which lasts 1.5 hrs on a good day - i wonder if all these rather random glitches are an indicator of an impending disaster. I am attaching a couple of screenshots of the information about my HDD obtained with the Palimpsest application.

I have installed 10.04 over 9.10 (in turn installed over 9.04) using manual partitioning leaving the XP partitions untouched. Is this ok ? Could this be a potential problem source ?

Btw, i also wondered if all this could be simply because of HDD ageing. But the HDD has generally been well kept with not too much of data written or deleted. So even after 3 years i still don't hear any audible sounds from the HDD etc.

Anyone who can unravel what is happening ?

Thanks !