View Full Version : [ubuntu] GDM multiuser switching issue

June 25th, 2010, 03:02 AM
I have an issue that seems as if it can become a showstopper for migrating my dear mother and father to Ubuntu: When there are two users logged in to the system it becomes impossible to log onto a third account because GDM does not appear when any Switch user button is pressed. This is true when the button is pressed both in a session and on a locked screen.

The first time a user tries to push the Switch user button the fallowing happends: A black screen appears with a white underscore on the top left, then a mouse appears. And that's it.
After that the user either has to switch to a currently active session or has to reboot the computer.

Note that this is not an issue of not being able to switch between already logged in users. The issue resolves around GDM not appearing when it should, not displaying the login screen.