View Full Version : [ubuntu] Nautilus/File broswer not opening

June 24th, 2010, 02:55 AM
Hi all,

Was playing with some files in Inkscape this morning, when I went to save it I received an error message saying that the file couldn't be overwritten (I can't remember the exact dialogue box). No worries, I just closed Inkscape and moved on. For whatever reason I turned the computer off then back on again. Now trouble has ensued. The visual effects have reset themselves from 'extra' to 'none'. Fair enough. So when I change it back to 'extra', all the icons on the desktop (incidentally where the Inkscape file I was altering lived) disappear. I can't open any file browsers using Cairo dock nor the main Unbuntu menu. I open terminal and 'ls' my desktop, it lists all the usual icons that now don't exist in the GUI. However, I can't open any of them, I can't open Nautilus from anywhere. However, if I go into a particular program, I can open like file types (i.e. I can still use Open Office to open .ods, .odt files). When I go to shut down the computer, I'm told that I've still got a file browser running, although it's not responding.


Muchos gracias.

Oh, I'm on Ubuntu 10.04, and everything's been smooth up to now.