View Full Version : [gnome] Screen saver and lock screen - no login

June 23rd, 2010, 11:49 PM
Hi I have a PC running the 10.04 LTS server edition (but with the generic "desktop" kernel) and this runs various servers such as file and print, VPN, music server etc. However I need to do some desktop type work on it now as such I added the "ubuntu-desktop" packages via apt-get. The install went fine and in the main it seems to work well but I have one annoying thing that I cannot work out so any help appreciated.

When the system goes to screen saver regardless of if I setup to request a login or not the system when I click any key on the keyboard just goes to black screen for a second then back to screen saver. I.e I cannot get back in to my desktop. Also I presume that this is connected but if I manually lock the screen, the screen saver appears and I have the same issue.

Anyone have a similar problem or know how to fix it, I have found one post with a similar issue on 8.10 but there is no fix shown?? I could reinstall gnome possibly if needed (anyone know how to do that though, as running the apt ubuntu-desktop command again with reinstall option only seems to want to get about 10% of the packages originally downloaded?) but I would really like to avoid a full Ubuntu reinstall if possible....