View Full Version : [ubuntu] usb cdrom boot errors

June 21st, 2010, 10:55 PM
hey Ubuntu Forums,

I recently put Ubuntu Lucid on my compaq presario. I'm new to using Ubuntu. of course then I decided I want to dual boot with windows xp 32bit. So i was going to redo everything and install windows first, then reinstall ubuntu.

here are a few problems i'm having.

my cdrom on the compaq laptop doesn't work. So I was trying to use an extenal Sony cdrom to boot from.
I have the boot order set to load up the usb cdrom first, but when it loads, it just loads straight into Ubuntu.

I have used the drive to load up a radiohead cd just fine inside Ubuntu.

Could someone provide me with a couple suggestions on the problem with the booter from the xp cd in a usb external cdrom? Do i need to download additional drivers or software updates?

Is there another way I should go about this problem? (I have looked up info on installing windows after Ubuntu and they seem advanced for me)

I should add I installed Ubuntu on this compaq using a usb thumb drive without a cd.