View Full Version : [ubuntu] Slipstream special "dmraid" into ubuntu install?

June 21st, 2010, 07:11 AM
Ok I made this special build of dmraid. I need to get it into the files that ubuntu copies over on install, like "slipstreaming" it. its "special" because it can read GPT partition tables... which i need it to do to boot off my gpt fakeraid. Well, technicaly I am booting from a thumb drive into my fakeraid. But in either case, this should be the last hurdle for me to finaly have this whole thing setup and have my pc back in action.

For information:

I am booted into a Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Live CD, and i have the "special" build w/ source sitting on my temporary desktop. in a folder.

I now need it so that when I click "Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS", and it installs grub2 with dmraid support it will use my dmraid stuffs to install grub2. From what I understand, if I can get the file installed on the squash file system on the CD i should be golden...

I guess that is what I will try, i will be checking back here, so let me know if I am messing up or if there is a better way.