View Full Version : [ubuntu] "disk error" when dual boot with lucid on w7

June 20th, 2010, 07:56 PM
Hey, basically i just purchased a new computer and in w7 i shrunk the hd using 'disk management' 120gigs from the C drive to make room for lucid swap + / + /home partitions. When i restarted the computer to make sure things were ok i got a "disk error" Could someone explain what might've caused this problem? (my partitioning... the hd..)

That was one case.. another was when i installed linux after shrinking & was able to boot into both w7 +lucid after. Then, I booted into lucid to download pkgs from synaptic, & when i restarted i got the 'disk error' again. Which pops up after the 1st pg + before the grub menu (basically right after where u can opt to another drive)

Could someone explain what this problem is / what it means/ what i've done wrong?

~i don't think this matters, but lenovo has a recovery partition at the end of the hd & i installed lucid between the main w7 drive & lenovo's recovery partition (~10gigs)

THanks a lot, any advice/help is appreciated.