View Full Version : Mouse buttons synch'ed???

June 19th, 2010, 08:59 AM
I got a problem as funny as annoying.

Installed a netbook remix in a VM (find it perfect usability for development, until ...).

All of a sudden after some whatever apt-get upgrade, I presume. The mouse started to behave erratic: left and right buttons appear sync'd. What? Well ...
- I need to click multiple times to e.g. active menu items
- Worse: when I click left-button in an xterm it pastes the cut buffer!!!! Imagine ... each time. I never know: will it now mark text or insert the cut buffer.
- All works with the right mouse button as well
- I need to double-click virtually everywhere, where before a single click was ok?!?!

Now I thought, ok VMware Fusion is messing something and ran xev to see the actual events generated within Ubuntu. All fine. Press and release for the buttons arrive correctly in the X.

That kind of concentrates my search to the Gnome, doesn't it?

Right there: I have no clue, where to configure or check what is going on.

Any hint?:confused:

Kind regards from a sad,