View Full Version : [ubuntu] Power usage on a laptop

June 16th, 2010, 07:36 PM
I have been wondering about my laptop's power usage and battery life. I have an HP DV6-1355dx with Ubuntu 10.04 and while everything works just as it should I have definitely lost a decent amount of time on a charge when contrasted with Windows 7. I have been reading various sites trying to track down ways to get this number up, and power usage down, but this has led to some questions I cannot find direct answers to. I hope somebody will be able to address them here.

Powertop is reporting fairly large increases in power usage, from about 15W to 30+W, which last for fifteen minutes or more at a time. While powertop reports leading causes of wakeups it doesn't seem to say anything about which apps are consuming all of this power. Is there anyway to track down the apps or devices doing this so that I can do something about it? BTW, the number of wakeups during the periods of increased power usage is relatively unchanged, and the top causes listed are generally the same too.

I also wonder how much power I can save regarding my video driver? I have used Gnome with all the effects on, i.e. shadows, transparency, etc., Xfce with the same and without, and Openbox with no effects at all, obviously, and noticed a small difference in power usage and wakeups among these. Is there anything I can do regarding graphics which would have a more noticeable effect in this regard? Are there settings available in the video drivers which could be toggled or used? My video card is an Intel Mobile 4.