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June 16th, 2010, 04:25 AM
hello all,

im a newbie again to ubuntu got the newest version and im so suprise with the speed of everything. AWESOME job!

i got a second hard drive that i want to mount but dont know if im to change something so that it will mount. can anyone point me to the right direction. this drive came from windows 7 and is basically media files and school docs.

screenie at the bottom and thank you for any help in advance.

http://a.imagehost.org/0433/Screenshot.png (http://a.imagehost.org/view/0433/Screenshot)


June 16th, 2010, 05:08 AM
It is saying it is already mounted. You often auto mount under a default name by looking at a partition using places and looking at places on the left panel. But since it is a part of your system you may want to mount it at the time of booting with fstab.

You do not mount drives but partitions. You create a name to mount it to and then mount it to that name. Commands are slightly different depending on whether partition is ext3, ext4, NTFS, FAT etc.

Understanding fstab
Ownership and permissions of vfat / ntfs are set at the time of mounting. This is often a source of confusion.


If you have some understanding of the settings from above links you can use this to create mount and edit fstab.

But it is a lot easier to use a graphical front end that both creates the mount point and edits fstab.
Try installing pysdm from the repos.
PySDM is a PyGTK Storage Device Manager
GUI Fstab Editing with PySDM

But you still should know how to edit and update fstab.
Before rebooting after editing fstab alway run this to reload fstab and make sure it has no errors

sudo mount -a

June 16th, 2010, 05:27 AM
http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/5607/screenshot1ks.png (http://img717.imageshack.us/i/screenshot1ks.png/)

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why is it in red say says to mount? those sites lost me, i thought it would be simple like the other partition i mounted on the same drive, then i deleted after i transfer all the information..

i think the problem might have to do with permissions and taking ownership or something