View Full Version : [all variants] suspend not working, seems system is unresponsive

June 16th, 2010, 12:17 AM
I recently did some updates, and boom! no suspend. It's always been flaky but this is ridiculous. I'm running lucid and yes I use various ppa's (even newer kernels) but trust me, I've ruled them out.

I'm trying to track down what is causing the problem:

Suspend "works": everything shuts off, (except the screen it seems) and wireless/networking is disabled. even sound seems to be disabled. the hard drive clicks (it's parked)... but the system doesn't go off (the power light stays on, the fan stays on, etc).

I've tried reinstalling the relevant packages (uswsusp, hibernate, pulling-my-hair out) and nothing. Followed various guides... nothing. Removed jupiter (good application btw, sorry I had to remove it to try to find a solution...) nothing. removed all sorts of stuff and nothing!!!!!!!!! :confused::mad:

As you can imagine, I'm hopping mad, and very tired and frustrated. I'm willing to give any useful information, and I know the drill; no one has automatic solutions. BUT PLEASE READ BEFORE RESPONDING, AND DO NOT GIVE ME WHAT I ALREADY KNOW. I'm not a noob, so please give me useful technical information if possible, I really NEED to get this fixed (I cannot afford a pair of new drives for my laptop as yet, if not I'd reinstall).

and no, it's not my BIOS, vista works just fine (except I can't play 3D games on vista cause it shuts down (yes vista is stupid like that).

oh and another thing, it happens whether or not my screensaver is on, so it's not that. It also happens if I leave the system to suspend after being inactive an hour. I have to hard reboot if it goes into suspend.:guitar::mad: