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June 15th, 2010, 11:34 PM
Hello folks looking to get a decent running Ubuntu

Here's my failsafe method for those who are still in the archaic mode of using 1 HDD for all your OS's. Take it from me, I know what I'm talking about, after installing all flavors of OS's from UNIX to Windows to Mac others.

Have several HDDs on hand.

1 for Windows
1 for Mac
1 For DOS yep, still does wonders for simple things

Now If you're so inclined get a Hardrive case. What do I mean? Well here's what I mean, a case that houses just a hardrive that can be easily pulled out and then insert another one in it's place. Removable. But there's two pieces to this one is the outer shell which remains in the PC case with the power and Sata / Pata cable attached.

The second part is the inner where this inserts into the outer case as described above.

This is the best method for both Sata and Pata drives, no sure about SSD because I have none at the moment. But as long as the drive fits it should work.

What you do is buy these things from cheap PC shops that sell them or even online.

Buy several because if you have 4 OS's then you will need to buy 4 sets.

In each Set you install your drive and then insert it.

Then you install your OS one buy one using each of the inserts with a blank drive in them. Think about it like this, removable OS. Then you get some tape and write on it OS version then place that tape on the HDD Drive so you know which is which.

Now I've been doing this for 7 years without any problems.

I don't use Boot Managers, I use my hands and my brains.

Now the second method this is more work than the one above.

If you have a Motherboard that has 5 or 6 Sata internal sockets, then you're good.
Pata limits you to two on some boards one including CD/DVD drive

Install all your drives. Remember which one goes where, write on the cables 1, 2, 3 so forth so you don't get lost. Preferably Red Cable because Black Sharpie is readable or if you have Ptouch label maker this is the preferred method.

If you have no OS installed at the moment, good. Here's the methodology:

Connect only One HDD cable and power leave the others off and disconnected except the CD/DVD Drive.

Install your OS. in this case Ubuntu.

Then after you're done customizing, and ready to install another say Sun Solaris or some other, shutdown your pc. Disconnect the power and cable from the Ubuntu Drive. Connect the next drive you wish to use and the power.

Power up your pc and put the CD/DVD. USB Stick (don't like this method USB too much trouble, I like to use them for Storing) CD's DVD's cost pennies on the dollar compared to USB stick.

Install your OS. Then you go on to the next. The only problem with this method you must keep the side of your case open to switch the cables around. But this method saves you from the dreaded ------- FORMAT, Incompatabilities, UPDATES, and User Screw ups.

Trust me this method is used for Smart People in the Industry which I have told many countless people to use. This is 'My' Idea. So if you have encountered folks using these two methods above especially the First One, then, they heard if from Me.

I don't own a patent so you are free to use this cool fool proof method.

The second method allows for looking at other OS's from the bootup OS so this is also a good thing to fix some problems if your OS becomes unbootable. Copy the contents from another souce if you know what you are doing only otherwise you still have a bootable OS. That's the Key here folks, You still have other HDD's that have a Bootable OS. Never without Internet access or whatever. Just reciprocate your software into others and you have a fully unbeatable PC. Send money not paper :lolflag:

June 15th, 2010, 11:42 PM
Cool story bro.;)

June 15th, 2010, 11:53 PM
For Laptops Even! Yes

Now the same method applies in the Second and Even First method.

You buy and external case USB or even a USB to Sata/Pata Converter.

Your laptop must have /Boot from Other Source in the BIOS or it will not work properly. If you have an older Laptop some have cheap BIOS that still bypass the 'do not boot from other sources option,' option. What you do is plug in the USB cable
from the external HDD and use the F option designated by the BIOS to boot from other source.

Your maindrive is in the Laptop the other OS's you want to install are not. These are the External HDD's the cases you bought.

Everytime you boot up the Laptop you have a choice of OS. Now they have these nice contraptions that run SataII and even SataIII speeds from USB now days. But the one I have is SataI so it is max of 1.5MGB rather than 3.0 or the new one. I don't have the new one so I'm not upto speed on the speeds of SataIII.

You use the same methodology as the above post. Everything is external.

Now in the PC, which is not a Laptop, everything is still external, becuase it is not soldered on to the board as in your HDD is not directly soldered to the board, but rather has 'sockets' on the board to plug in your cables. Internal means inside the Case in this case. Whereas the cable is always a cable. You have a socket and a cable. Same thinking. The laptop is smaller in size, portable. Your PC is not smaller in size as compared to this laptop.

Lets say you have OS #1 in the main drive in your laptop. Now you want to install another OS on your external USB drive (however you have it connected and designed) you press the Boot Option in this case which Drive CD/DVD/ so forth. Now this gets tricky because you have to pay attention to the Drive inside the Laptop. You don't want to overwrite the contents. Now when you put the CD/DVD into your laptop to install your next OS, you have to know the size, and part number of that drive so you do not mistakenly overwrite. When the New OS Install CD/DVD finds all your drives, make sure your looking at the USB External one. This one too you must remeber the Model, Size and Part number because this information is hardcoded into the Drives themeslves.

There you go. Many OS's on many drives all dedictated. ANd you can take the external's remove the drive from within and use them in say your friends PC or even your own. And you can then swap from PC to Laptop even.

My Idea solely.

Send money not paper :lolflag: