View Full Version : [ubuntu] Bluetooth mouse connection problem on TC1100 with Lucid

June 15th, 2010, 05:14 PM

I've switched my primary OS on my TC1100 from Windows XP to Ubuntu 10.04 recently. I really enjoy it but I have some minor issues witch I couldn't fix yet. Please help me!

I used my computer with a noname wireless mouse worked perfectly under Windows with Bluesoleil. It's ok under linux too but connecting is a little bit difficult.

When I search for a new bluetooth device it's found easily. It looks like it's connected on the bluetooth settings panel and the mouse lights like it's working but the pointer doesn't move.

If I click on disconnect the mouse automatically reconnects in a few seconds and moves the pointer.

So after every reboot I disconnect and wait for reconnect. (I can use the tablet's pen to do this first few clics)

Sometimes it is not enough. I have to remove and redetect the mouse completely and disconnect-reconnect to make it work.

Are there any fix, settings to solve this problem or any workaround to automate this disconnect-reconnect thing after reboot?

Thanks for your help.