View Full Version : [ubuntu] Incorrect battery level on Lenovo netbook

June 15th, 2010, 12:32 PM
I installed the standard Lucid on a Lenovo netbook and it worked fine, the battery can last for 4hrs. without problem and more with care. Yesterday I keep it running overnight to download and install stuffs, power manager showing 7.5% of battery left and the red light is on, indicates the battery has about an hour to go, it was with the charger plugged in. I leave it on and check back this morning, power manager shows the battery is fully charged, but the red light still on, the light still on after reboot, but the power manager shows 3hrs. to complete charge this time, I already have one complete discharge and recharge cycle before this, so I suppose the netbook and the power manager will have accurate figure on the battery capacity, but it seems there is some problem on the PM which I can't rely on too much, is this a bug ??