View Full Version : [ubuntu] eSata Express Card

June 15th, 2010, 04:34 AM
Let me preface this: I am pretty new to Ubuntu but not new to terminal so feel free to use some level of detail if you must. I am running Ubuntu 8.04 on a dell inspiron b130. everything is working great with the exception of the express card reader. i have a dual port esata controller which i would like to use, but when i insert it, nothing happens. no errors, no prompts. i figured all was well then, so i plugged in the eSata drive and still nothing. i have no other controller to test against, but it (the Express Card controller) functions fine in the Macbook Pro. Is there anyway to validate if the hardware is available, or if the computer is even recognizing that new hardware is inserted? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks. :p