View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubunutu upgrade doesn't

June 15th, 2010, 01:34 AM
Has ANYONE done ANY testing on the Ubuntu 10.04 update being offered to users?

I just finished getting my system bootable because the upgrade trashed my PC. Fortunately I dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu so I was able to get my machine running with the Windows 7 disc.

#1. WHY can't the update prompt me for the needed details BEFORE starting? It runs for 15 minutes, then stops - waiting for some input. Then it runs a while longer and stops, etc. ad infinatum.

#2. GRUB2 - Why can't this stupid piece of crap determine where it should be upgrading. WHY does it tell you to install on ALL the drives in a system? I'm doing an UPGRADE, so just UPGRADE what's already there. DON'T install new copies on other drives and at least tell me if there are multiple locations available for updates.

...anyhow. I don't have time to try and recover what the upgrade tried to do. Any work that I had committed to running under Linux is not going to eat my time.