View Full Version : [ubuntu] MS Wireless 6000

June 14th, 2010, 02:45 PM

I've just bought a MS Wireless Laser desktop 6000 (KB & Mouse) and everything works fine except for the annoying fact that the keyboard won't send continual key presses. For example, playing a game that requires the pressing of a cursor key continuously stops after a few seconds.

Now I know some may say 'A MS keyboard expected to work on Ubuntu??' Well my answer is simple. It says compatible with MacOS, Windows and.... wait for it.... UNIVERSAL!!!!!!!!

Now where I would have expected a little issue with hotkeys (nope - no probs there!) I would expect basic functions to still work. Key presses are basic functions of a keyboard.

Ok, rant over. Any ideas anyone??? I'm gonna try to find some tech support from MS themselves - as soon as I find a way around there '46 a day' support.

P.S, the actual unit is great I think. Very comfortable keyboard and mouse, if i can get it working properly.....