View Full Version : 10.04 UNR not recognising CD/DVD writer

June 14th, 2010, 09:35 AM
I'm newish to Linux

Did a clean install of 10.04 LTS on an Acer netbook. All functioning as it should with the exception that the external multiformat CD/DVD writer is no longer recognised. Prerecorded data disks show and mount but once the disk is ejected the drive vanishes and blank disks are invisible. cannot access the drive to burn new disks.

The ability to write disks worked fine under both Jaunty and Karmic netbook editions with the same hardware So I suspect I'm missing certain packages. Brasero definitely missing, so used Ubuntu software centre to add that- no joy, it couldn't see the drive. System Administration/Disk Utility sees the drive but does not detect blank media A quick search within Synaptic left me confused.

So, What do I need to regain the ability to write Disks?