View Full Version : [ubuntu] Building new virtualization (KVM) box: P55 mobo suggestions

June 13th, 2010, 06:58 AM
I am going to buy a new box to host KVM virtualization (running Ubuntu as host and (multiple) Ubuntu and Windows as clients).

My main consideration in this post is the mobo.

The cpu will be intel i7-860. So the mobo needs to be a P55 chipset.

I have considered

Gigabyte (the GA-P55A-??? series),
Asus (P7P55D series, the "PRO" being my pick), and
EVGA P55 series.

After reading a heap of reviews, I have no great preference but I like the EVGA P55, and EVGA P55 FTW.

My major consideration (obviously) is 100% support for Ubuntu. The EVGA mobo has rave reviews, but I can not determine its compatibility for Ubuntu, as EVGA do not supply Linux drivers with the board, and I have searched for anyone with Ubuntu experience on the board, without success.

Could you please supply your thoughts especially from your practical experiences. Thanks.

I am happy to consider any rig, but it MUST be

LGA 1156 cpu capable,
(max) 16gb memory AND
(here is the very important bit) the mobo must support VT-x AND VT-d.

Thank you very much.