View Full Version : [ubuntu] Another Login Loop Issue

June 13th, 2010, 01:37 AM
I've tried installing 10.04 from CD and have the login loop problem others have reported. I installed 9.? in place of it and then upgraded from there. I had a different version of the problem: after typing my password I got most of the way through the login music -- it was clipped just at the end.

I found the instructions at:


and was able to successfully reconfigure gdm and then login normally.

Since the machine is one I use to test things, I decided that I'd try a CD install again and apply the same fix. However, when I got to the login screen, <ctrl><alt><f2> presented me with a blank screen, not a text based login. <ctrl><alt><f8> returned me to the login screen, and I was able to switch to safe mode and log in. Right now I'm running the system update feature. When that is done I'll try to log out and see if I can get a text login.

If that doesn't work, are there any recommendations on how to get to the point where I can reconfigure gdm?