View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04 on Thinkpad T510

June 12th, 2010, 09:56 AM
hi ubuntu users,

i am new to ubuntu. at the moment i am testing ubuntu on my new thinkpad t510. i would like to work with ubuntu, because many of my friends are enthused ubuntu users. my first is impression is very well. the system boots up in very short time. installing new software is made easy. i think, it is the vest distribution i have ever used.

but at the moment, i have some problems. i hope anybody of you can help me to solve this problems.

a) nvidia propitary drivers:
installing the nvidia drivers enabled many of graphics effects, but disables the possibility to control the display backlight. pressing fn+page up (higher backlight) displays the display backlight bar (like an OSD) on the display (on right upper corner), but the backlight doesn't change. i switched back to the opensource driver - this is working well.

at home i am using an Cisco 877W router with WPA & PSK enabled, but "Broadcast SSID" is disabled. in this mode, my ubuntu notebook is unable to connect to my wlan. i am shure, that i have seup the wlan correct (with the network manager panel). to geht wlan working, the only thing i have to do is, to enable SSID broadcast (enable "guest mode" is Cisco IOS). after activating this command, my notebook find's the wlan without any action from my side (an yes: i tried to connect via the 'Connect to hidden WLAN' Option from the network manager panel).

c) build in UMTS
it would be a nice add on, to get the build in UMTS Card getting work. at the moment, it seems, that the hardware isn't detected.

if there is anyone, who can help me, let me know, which information i have to send, so that we can try to solve the problems. i searched via google - but didn't found any solutions.

many thanks!!