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June 12th, 2010, 12:16 AM
Hi there!
I have a slight problem with my KVM switch relating to low graphics mode.
Every time I switch my monitor, keyboard, and mouse to a different computer, my Ubuntu computer goes into low graphics mode because it can no longer detect my monitor. The interesting thing is that this only started happening after I upgraded to 10.04.

I can post any logs if information is needed.
My KVM switcher is made by Belkin and is ps/2 based with VGA monitor ports.
The monitor is a HP 9500 and my computer is a IBM Thinkcentre with a Intel Graphics card and chipset. And while I'm at it, my shoe size is 10 (US).

Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Not on my shoe size)


June 23rd, 2010, 01:41 PM
I have had much the same problem, in fact I am suffering from this right now.

I have a Belkin Switch2 KVM, the model with the USB keyboard and mouse, monitor and audio... with wired 'puck'. I believe this is my model: F1DG102Uuk.

I find that the problem seems to happen when I am using the NVidia proprietary driver and there is a power cut, don't ask me why.

This has been happening with me since 9.04. .

I installed 10.04 a few weeks ago and had the KVM plugged in, this was working fine, recognising the monitor perfectly as a Samsung SyncMaster 913N (1280x1024). However, this morning I had a powercut and now when I boot Ubuntu with the KVM plugged in it only recognises the monitor as a generic 'CRT' with a maximum resolution of 1024x768 (although was only letting me select 640x480 or 320x240).

The only solution I have ever found to this is to completely reinstall Ubuntu as all changes I have made have always ended up being reverted once I restart the computer . - I used to try completely removing the NVidia driver, config and all but when I reinstall it the same problems occur. I am sure there is a better way of doing it as I am sooo terribly n00b but I cannot get any changes to stick.

I appreciate this is a laptop thread and my desktop is what is an issue here, but it is a related problem I have and a laptop is involved in this issue.

If anyone knows a solution, marca311 and myself would be forever grateful.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Take care all,

June 23rd, 2010, 02:15 PM
Right, I may have just found a solution for anyone with the Belkin Switch2 - if they have had problems like this (can't believe it worked, clearly I did this in the wrong order on previous occasions).

With your main computer connected to the switch, open up the monitors dialog (or nvidia-settings for me).
Disconnect the USB from your secondary computer.
With the USB still plugged into the main computer, (and the mains power, if your switch needs it) turn the monitor off.
Disconnect the Switch's USB cable from the main computer, the switch should power off. If your KVM is powered by the mains, disconnect from the mains.
Wait 15-30 seconds
Plug the Switch's USB back into the main computer and make sure it is powered on (plug into mains if you require mains power).
Turn the monitor on.
Press 'Detect Monitors' in Ubuntu
Hopefully the screen will have flashed or something will have changed. In the dropdown menu of resolutions, the list should have refreshed itself.
Reconnect all as normal.

May be worth a try yourself, marca311, if it doesn't work, my apologies.