View Full Version : [ubuntu] Transferring music to phone

June 10th, 2010, 10:59 PM
I have the Sony Ericsson NAITE phone and I'm trying to transfer music to it so that i can set my ringtone.
When i have the connection setting as a USB mass storage device, the songs that i copy to the ringtones folder don't work properly.
When i use the linux/mac setting on the phone, it won't allow me to copy songs to the ringtones folder. So, i just copied them to the music folder, hoping that i can set them as a ringtone anyway, but i don't see that option anywhere.
Both songs are .mp3 format. How can i set them as ringtones?

June 10th, 2010, 11:33 PM
What you have is a phone question, not a computer / Linux question. You'll probably find an answer quicker from the manufacturer's website.

Having said that;
I'm not familiar with that particular phone, but I have encountered more than one that limits what can be used as a ringtone according to size. The LG Neon for example can't digest anything larger than 300k. My EnV3 can handle ringtones of any size that I have tried so far, but I can't put them in the ringtones folder. I have to put them in my Sounds folder and choose them from there. My BlackBerry (work phone) can't digest much of anything in the way of a ringtone.

If the phone takes Micro SD cards, try putting the files there and see what the phone will digest.

You can use Audacity to edit the songs down to a smaller size by shortening the file and reducing the bit rate. That might help as well.

Good luck with it and have fun.